Sequins & Diamonds Concert Program

Published May 17, 2015

Break Free

Artist Composer Vocal Arrangement and Choreography Style Dancers
Ariana Grande & Zedd Anton Zaslavski, Max Marin, Savan Kotecha Alfonso López Electronic Dance Music José de Jesús Salcedo de Santiago, Aarón Hernández, Juan Carlos González Palomera, Gustavo Contreras, Ricky Aranda, Rubén Ruiz, Joseph Cisneros, Raúl Torres, Todd Johnson, Dean McIntyre
A song with a melodic range of more than 2 and a half octaves; Ariana Grande’s wide vocal range fits perfectly for PMVC to sing in the original key. With this song, Ariana Grande became the second lead female artist to simultaneously have three top ten hits on the Billboard Hot. Max Martin (composer), has also written Top Ten songs for Britney Spears, Katy Perry, P!nk, and Kelly Clarkson.



Artist Composer TTBB Arrangement Choreography Style Dancers
David Guetta & Sia Sia Furler, David Guetta, Giorgio Tuinfort, & Nick Van De Wall Alfonso López Gaby Zúñiga  House Gustavo Contreras, José de Jesús Salcedo de Santiago, Juan Carlos González Palomera, Chrystian Leonardo Hernández Gómez, Juan Pablo Hernández
Titanium is an emotional near-ballad which draws from the genres of house, pop, and urban-dance with inner strength lyrics.



Artist Composer TTBB Arrangement Style
Rihanna Sia Furler, Benjamin Levin, Mikkel S. Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen Alfonso López Pop
By the same composer and performer of Titanium, Sia Furler, Diamonds’s lyrics serve as a departure from the themes of unhealthy relationships that were on Rihanna’s previous singles and, instead, contain a prominent concept of love.


Tom the Tailor
from Three (More or Less Naughty) Catches, edited by Andreas Stenberg

Artist Style
Henry Purcell (1659-1695) Classical Music – English Baroque
Henry Purcell is considered one of the greatest English composers. He had a strong influence on English composers, especially Benjamin Britten, whose The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra is based on a theme from Purcell’s Abdelazar. He wrote for the stage, the church, and for popular entertainment. His musical ideas are often particularly suggestive yet pleasant to complex while maintaining expressive clarity.


Here Dwells a Gentleman
from Three (More or Less Naughty) Catches, edited by Andreas Stenberg

Composer Vocal arrangement and additional edition Style Singers
Anonymous, 1710 (Here Dwells a Pretty Maid) Alfonso López Classical Music – English Baroque Shooting Stars Ensemble



Artist Composer TTBB Arrangement Style
Mónica Naranjo Luigi Albertelli & Enrico Riccardi Alfonso López 2000’s Pop Rock
Sobreviviré was released in the year 2000 in Spain and Mexico as part of Mónica Naranjo’s third album, Minage, a tribute to the Italian singer Mina. Sobreviviré’s powerful words and harmonies have turned it into a gay anthem in México since then.


PVMC’s Popurrí en Español

Songs (Artists) Performed and Choreography by
Sterosexual (Mecano); Chicas de Hoy (Tatiana); Maquillaje (Mecano); Tímido (Flans); Autos, Moda y Rock and Roll (Fandango); Palo Bonito (Chayanne); Banana (Garibaldi) Rubén Ruiz, Raúl Torres, Roberto Durán, Max Albertos, Gustavo Contreras, José de Jesús Salcedo de Santiago, Juan Carlos González Palomera, Chrystian Leonardo Hernandez Gómez, Juan Pablo Hernández
A fun mashup of some of the most popular, cheerful and optimistic songs of the 80s and 90s in México, beloved by the Mexican gay community.


Dark Horse

Artist Composer 6-Part Vocal Arrangement Style
Katy Perry Katy Perry, Jordan Houston, Lukasz Gottwald, Sarah Hudson, Max Martin, and Henry Walter Alfonso López Trap, Hip Hop
This spell-like song has had favorable review from contemporary music critics, who praised its experimentation with urban music.



Love You Like A Love Song

Artist Composer TTBB Arrangement Choreography Style Dancers
Selena Gómez Antonina Armato, Tim James and Adam Schmalholz Alfonso López Gaby Zúñiga Electropop Gustavo Contreras, José de Jesús Salcedo de Santiago, Juan Carlos González Palomera, Chrystian Leonardo Hernández Gómez, Juan Pablo Hernández, Roberto Durán
PVMC’s tribute to cholas such as the Texans Selena Gómez and Artistic Director Alfonso López.


I’m In Love With A Wonderful Guy
from the musical South Pacific

Writer Composer TTB Arrangement Style
Oscar Hammerstein II Richard Rodgers Alfonso López Show Tune
Rodgers and Hammerstein were as inspired by Mary Martin’s personality (the original Nellie Forbush) as they were by the character of Nellie to write this song. They introduced it to Mary Martin one night when they were fine-tuning the script. Mary Martin was so thrilled that when she sang it on stage, she performed cartwheels on the stage at every turn of “I’m in love.”


If You Were Gay
from the musical Avenue Q

Music and Lyrics TTBB Arrangement Style
Robert López & Jeff Marx Alfonso López, based on the arrangement for The Long Island Gay Men’s Chorus Show Tune
Avenue Q is an “autobiographical and biographical” coming-of-age parable, addressing and satirizing the issues and anxieties associated with entering adulthood. The musical is notable for the use of puppets. Robert López (composer) is the youngest of only twelve people who have won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony award, and the only person to while all four within a decade. He is also known for writing the songs for the Disney film, Frozen.


Gestalt Prayer

Writer Choral Poetry adaptation for PVMC Performers
Based on the statement by Fritz Perls Alfonso López Shooting Stars Ensemble
The “Gestalt prayer” is a 56-word statement that is taken as a classic expression of Gestalt therapy as way of life model of which Dr. Perls was a founder. The key idea of the statement is the focus on living in response to one’s own needs, without projecting onto or taking introjects from others. It also expresses the idea that it is by fulfilling their own needs that people can help others do the same and create space for genuine contact; that is, when they “find each other, it’s beautiful.”


I Will Survive

Artist Composer Alternative-Rock Cover Arrangement Soloist
Gloria Gaynor Freddie Perren, Dino Fekaris Cake Dean McIntyre
The American alternative rock band, Cake, covered the song rock-style in 1996, on their album Fashion Nugget. In addition to many subtle changes, lead singer John McCrea altered the lyrics. Gaynor does not like this version, due to its use of profanity.


¿A Quién Le Importa?

Artist Composer Style
Alaska y Dinarama Carlos García Berlanga, Ignacio Canut Hi-NRG
Alaska y Dinarama’s version of the song has been recognized as a gay anthem by the Spanish language-speaking LGBT community, even though it does not allude to it at all.The song describes a person who is criticized for being different. In 2002, Mexican pop singer Thalia engendered a very successful cover and hit single of the song. Alaska (now part of Fangoria along with Nacho Canut, her bandmate from Dinarama) re-sang the song in 2010. Fangoria released the single in 2011, as well as the newly engendered music video.


Encore:  Todos Me Miran

Artist Composer TBB Vocal Arrangement Choreography Style
Gloria Trevi Gloria Treviño Alfonso López Alfonso López Disco, Electropop
This song has become a club anthem that confirmed Trevi’s status as a gay icon. The song, as interpreted in the music video, is about a young man who dares to crossdress in spite of society’s opinions.


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